SIZE  W1000*D700*H360


「何几」茶几是一款休闲桌几系列,款上层桌面开有圆孔,与下层托盘呼应,可以放置各种装饰物, 产生一种非常特别的构图美。钢架与桌面垂直平行, 相互交错,如同x y z 轴中的几何图形,充满建筑感。下层的托盘的卷边设计, 防止物品滚落, 给生活多一些细节品质。



GEOMETRY is a series of leisure tables. The upper tabletop has round holes, which correspond to the lower tray. It can place various ornaments and produce a very special composition beauty. The steel frame is vertically parallel to the desktop and interlaces with each other, just like the geometric figure in the XYZ axis, full of architectural sense. The lower tray's edge curling design prevents the goods from rolling off and gives more details to life.